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Tools of the trade

MyCampus uses two tools to support you in your learning and development – Moodle, an online learning tool and Yammer, an internal social network. Both are available on all devices.

MyCampus Personal Learning Enviroment

On Moodle, our Personal Learning Environment, you’ll find everything you need to learn, teach, contribute and inform. It’s the place where all our knowledge is kept, organised, presented and made into powerful materials – for both formal and informal use. We’ve made it work on your mobile and tablet as well as your desktop. And you can register here with your EDF Energy email address:


Like Twitter and Facebook, you can use Yammer to talk, share, ask, tell, debate, query, poll and inform with colleagues. You can get a message out there and receive feedback immediately; you can ask a question and get a quick answer; or you can just say hello. It’s an amazingly powerful tool for sharing and receiving information in an instant. And it’s available on every device, including iOS, Android and Windows.

If you’re not already signed up, join using your email address at

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