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Campus is made up of a number of training centres, a state-of-the-art learning facility and an innovative online hub. It’s a network that creates exciting new opportunities for everyone at EDF Energy. And, thanks to Campus, we’ll be able to attract, retain and develop the kind of high-performing people that make our business a force for good, now and in the future.

Firmly rooted in the concept of ‘brassage’ – that is, the value we create by mixing people and ideas – the Campus spirit is born from innovation, collaboration and cutting-edge technology. In this virtual and physical space, EDF Energy employees can think creatively, learn from each other and make positive changes to the way we do things within the business – strengthening the culture and values that make us EDF Energy.

You’ll be able to tap into your own Campus experience via MyCampus. This online portal will link you directly to relevant learning and development opportunities, as well as real-time lectures and events, informal discussions and knowledge sharing sessions. All available at a click.

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