Our vision

Our mission

Our mission is to improve business performance by connecting us...

  • Across business units, professional backgrounds and expertise
  • Across different generations, length of service and experiences
  • With EDF Group, with external partners, with local communities, with customers
  • To each other

Our principles

Building trust within our communities

Encouraging a sense of belonging and pride

Developing our future skills

Promoting collaboration and innovation

New ways of learning


Campus helps strengthen the DNA of our company, through skills learning, knowledge sharing and personal development.

It’s a place where every employee has a regular opportunity to be trained in a way that not only relates to each of our specific businesses – those of today, and those of tomorrow – but within the wider context of our integrated company, part of EDF Group.

There’s a physical hub where people can spend time together, but it won't be an island – far from it. It will be part of a web of learning and development, from which we will develop links with stakeholders, colleges, universities and the community.

It’s innovative in the use of new technologies and is a place where the outside world can see that EDF Energy in Great Britain is ahead of the game in people development.


Vincent de Rivaz, CEO, EDF Energy

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