Cannington Court


Construction progress

Check out progress on Cannington Court with our time-lapse cameras.

The building and its history

Cannington Court's future is looking bright, but its history is every bit as rich.

What it will offer

Cannington Court will be a showcase training centre for EDF Energy employees. But with Campus thinking and connectivity added to the mix, it has the potential to be much, much more.

Our development plans

Our plans for Cannington Court are nothing if not ambitious. But we didn't just jump in at the deep end.

Residents' updates

We know the development of Cannington Court is of interest not just to EDF Energy employees, but also to many Cannington residents.

Archaeological finds

Important archaeological discoveries made at Cannington Court.

Hiring Cannington Court

Find out how to hire Cannington Court for a range of occasions, not just training.

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