What are Campus Partnerships?

Joining the dots

Campus Partnerships support us in developing our relationships with existing partners and identifying great new ones too – partners that will help us reach our potential and grow as a Learning & Development (L&D) community, as EDF Energy and as an industry.
Working closely with all aspects of the L&D community, our Campus Partnerships allow us to share experiences, learn, identify best practice and co-create – reaching the potential that alone we would not be able to reach.

The key principles behind Campus Partnerships are:

•    To be thought leader in learning-by doing
•    Provide access to the latest technology
•    Enhance and build the credibility of the EDF Energy and Campus brand externally within the education and Learning community
•    Generate External Revenue for EDF Energy through developing and marketing L&D programmes  and products

By the end of 2014, EDF Energy want to have strong partnerships with most of their focus areas, with Government, Community Organisations, Education Institutions and Technical Partners just to name a few.

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