Our approach

Working together

Partnerships should drive the achievement of our strategic goals. And in a true partnership this should happen for both parties.

The partnership should also deliver value against one or more of the Campus aims:
•    To be thought leader in learning-by doing
•    Provide Access to the latest technology
•    Enhance and build the credibility of the Campus brand
•    Generate External Revenue

For us to build up true partnerships, our partners need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

•    Add knowledge or be a leading organisation in the field of skills and learning
•    Have the ability to evaluate the latest technology
•    Have access to leading experts
•    Improve or enhance EDF Energy’s creditability by being associated with them
•    Assist in revenue generation

The purpose of Campus Partnerships is to strengthen ties, share experiences, learn and identify best practice with key L&D partners, as well as to benefit each EDF Energy employee, the L&D community, EDF Energy and the industry as a whole.

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