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"Collaboration is a contact sport not a spectator sport. Collaboration is not just about having ideas, it's about making them happen, CEOs want their organisations working horizontally as well as vertically - and not one at the expense of the other. Collaboration vitality occurs when you have the right attitudes, behaviours and conditions and makes things happen" (Simon Paine, Collaboration Company).

Collaboration within the Campus Network is a vital part of our way of working; with many locations across the UK and over 300 people working in the Training, Learning and Development arena it is important that as a population we share our knowledge, expertise, skills, specialism’s and experiences through effective collaboration.

The Campus team will be giving plenty of opportunity to do this by hosting and facilitating events across the country in 2014. So looking at what the Collaboration Company say;  Campus will give the right ‘conditions’,  we need the people in the Campus Network to support the creation of collaboration vitality in EDF Energy by choosing the right attitudes and behaviours.

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