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Driving professional standards

Our Business Line Academies are still in the early stages, but eventually we’ll have developed the tool for roll-out across all our business professions – kicking off with HR as a pilot.

It’s all about improving the standard of learning, training and development across the central support functions in the UK business. And we’ll do that through tailor-made learning and development programmes with their own curriculum and competencies.

Role profiles will be defined for each business line so they can identify training needs for each role and plan in future training requirements. And each Business Line Academy will also a knowledge-sharing platform – encouraging conversations and networking across different teams in EDF Energy.

Connecting the Campus Network: Business Line Academies (BLA)

• Business Line Academies are owned and led by professionals that work in the same function, in many cases across different business units
• The professionals act as curriculum owners for their own function and for wider company needs too
• The professionals use a common or related competency framework to support Training, Learning & Development plans and career progression
• Development plans are driven by People Plan Strategies following a systematic approach to Training, Learning & Development.

Why we are using this approach and what is the benefit?

• We can determine real training and development needs through detailed analysis by peers
• Training, Learning & Development content is directly aligned with opportunities for the business
• It’ll help the business to optimise the costs and get the best return on the investment measured in £ (using the ADDIE Model and Kirkpatrick Level 1 to 4 evaluation will show the effectiveness of training and business performance)
• It’s an approach that’s proven to be highly successful in the company and externally (this method has been sucessfully trialled in the American Military)
• It’s regarded, by the nuclear industry, as best practice for task based Training, Learning & Development

The HR BLA will be the first area to be built and developed within the business

A working group was launched in December 2013 to represent the function and its development needs to build a robust governance mechanism for the Training ,Learning & Development of the HR population.

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