Campus Network

What is the Campus Network?

We want to make sure our people have access to the very best training facilities, whatever their location. Which is exactly what the Campus Network does.

Training philosophy

Our approach to training is simple. Find out more about our training philosophy behind Campus.

Our methods

Find out about the methods Campus uses to ensure training is relevant and up to date.

Ways to learn

Find about new learning techniques Campus will harness.


Collaboration is not just about having ideas, it's about making them happen. Find out what collaboration means to Campus.

Certified Instructor Programme

What is the Certified Instructor Programme and how will it benefit learning and development?

Business Line Academies

Going live from 2014 and beyond, Business Line Academies are redefining the standards of training at EDF Energy.


The Campus Network has facilities up and down Britain, all connected by a common look and feel, by common and consistent standards - and by the Campus spirit!

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