“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” 03rd Oct 2014

Chancellor’s Blog

“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

Those were the words of Thomas Edison, the prolific inventor who had a huge influence on the things we take for granted today, from telecommunications to motion pictures, and of course, the electric light bulb.

I’m not suggesting that we’re all born to invent the next big thing, but to me this quote is a powerful reminder that we all have the ability to achieve more than we perhaps realise – if only we can unlock that potential.

With MyCampus available to all EDF Energy employees as of this week, you now have a powerful online tool that makes it much easier for you to take charge of your own personal development – empowering you to continue to grow and contribute to our success as a company. This is how:

1. Learn what you need, when you need it

For the first time, all the training, learning and development opportunities available to you at EDF Energy are pulled together in one place, making it easier for you to see what’s on offer and find what you’re looking for – particularly helpful for supporting your performance and personal development discussions. My Campus also offers great flexibility as you can access it any time on a desktop, laptop, and outside the office through your personal tablets or smartphones.

2. Discover a wide range of external resources

We’re working hard to bring you the best training available through partnerships with external providers, so you can benefit for some new self-learning opportunities. You can already access:

Ashridge Virtual Learning Centre: online, interactive learning materials to develop your expertise in business and management.

Future Learn: online courses from the top universities in science & technology, business & management, arts & humanities, body & mind. Delivered to fit in with your schedule, this includes short learning activities and gives you the ability to collaborate and share through discussion and debate.

Everywoman Network: available to all employees (not just women!), this gives you online seminars, workbooks and information on topics such as dealing with stress, boosting your confidence and extending your influence.

3. Connect with the right people – and learn from them

I’m a great believer that knowing the right people and being able to talk to them and ask them questions is a huge part of our personal development - and Campus is certainly about creating these opportunities for you to build relationships with colleagues. MyCampus allows you to stay connected with fellow learners after a course, and make contact and exchange ideas with people who have tackled similar projects and issues before.

This is a real ‘win-win’: your opportunities to grow are greatly enhanced, and learning is more timely, focused and cost effective - making us able to solve business problems faster, which is so critical in a fast moving world.

Campus – and therefore tools such as MyCampus – will continue to evolve, shaped by the needs of individuals so that we can all be the best we can possibly be as individuals, teams and collectively as a business.

So, when you next get a moment, log on to MyCampus and see what it can offer you in terms of new learning and networking opportunities. In the words of Edison, you may just astound yourself!

Dave Drury,
Campus Chancellor

Chancellor’s Blog – Working together better 28th Jul 2014

With all the big sporting events happening currently, I am constantly reminded of what people and teams can achieve when they are at the top of their game – and how success doesn’t happen by accident, but takes the determination and the skill to continually improve performance.

We all know the satisfaction we get from being at the top of our game at work. I am sure we can all relate to the relief that comes from having easy access to all the necessary knowledge, skills - and even the right connections - so that we can do our very best in our roles. Well, that’s exactly what Campus can do for you.

Our CEO Vincent de Rivaz is personally committed to developing Campus as a catalyst for helping you be the best you can be, and connecting you with colleagues and partners to make things that matter happen.

Lots has been going on lately to improve employee and team performance, and today I want to share with you three highlights:

New MyCampus learning portal launching in July

Following a really successful trial with 5,000 of our colleagues, MyCampus is a virtual hub that will be available to all EDF Energy employees by the end of August. If you have been wanting better visibility of all the learning opportunities available to you, or the ability to find someone in EDF Energy who has the knowledge to help you with a particular issue, you will now have at your fingertips a very powerful tool: MyCampus is designed to help you grow, contribute your ideas, and connect with others across, up and down - and even outside - the business.

MyCampus is already making a difference for members of the Finance Community so that they can always prepare to take on a new challenge in their career. They can log on and generate potential career maps linked to practical suggestions as to how they can improve their level of competence. They can also post comments about their experiences and share examples of best practice with their peers.

If you want to find out more about what MyCampus can do for you, follow this link  and look out for the MyCampus workshops which are taking place around the company over the next six months. For more information or to request a workshop, contact the Campus Network team on

Focusing investment in people where it matters most

A fundamental principle of Campus is that we target performance improvement interventions where they matter most and deliver a return on investment. In other words, we take a ‘systematic approach to training’, so that the right people get the right training at the right time – with a measurable impact on business results.

The Nuclear Generation side of the business has been using this approach very successfully for some time, with significant financial rewards being realised from the reduction of unforced losses and the improvement of plant performance. For example, at our Hunterston B power station, we saved £15 million in one year thanks to targeted training – a fantastic result that proves the real value of focused training, learning and development. We hope to emulate this success across the rest of the business, which is why Campus is currently working closely with business units to help them adopt this systematic approach to training.

Countdown to Cannington Court opening

Cannington Court, in Somerset, will open its doors at the end of the year, before being fully operational in January 2015. It will be a unique, showcase training, meeting and collaboration centre for EDF Energy, our external partners and also for the wider community. A number of events are already planned in November and December to test this brand new facility… watch this space!

Get involved!

Wherever you see an opportunity to get involved with Campus, grab it. Campus is a thriving community shaped by you, the users. Together, we can make sure that we - as individuals and as teams - focus performance improvements where they are most needed so that we can be at the top of our game and fulfil our ambitions as a company.

Look out for my next blog in September

Dave Drury,
Campus Chancellor

MyCampus is being rolled out across EDF Energy 10th Jul 2014

Thousands of colleagues now with access

More and more EDF Energy employees are experiencing our MyCampus learning portal, which is helping them connect, contribute and grow.

During May and June, over 5,000 employees got access to learning and personal development resources on MyCampus. Feedback has been very positive and now that the portal has been fully road tested, access is being rolled out to everyone in the Company.

What benefits does MyCampus offer?

For the first time, all the learning opportunities offered at EDF Energy will be brought together in one place – saving time and helping people see at a glance what is available to them.

As MyCampus can be accessed at work through a desktop or laptop, or through their own devices, including tablets and mobile phones, it gives real flexibility to meet their training, learning and development needs.

In addition to targeted role-specific training, the Learning Mall on MyCampus provides access to learning resources from a range of external sources, enabling our people to take responsibility for their own personal development and growth, supporting their performance management discussions.

MyCampus has clear business benefits too. Innovative new ways of learning will help reduce costs, and targeted content created by the business units will help make us more competitive in the marketplace.

Looking to the future, the learning opportunities available through MyCampus will help EDF Energy attract and retain people who want to develop their future skills

Over 50 Company Makers volunteer to become Campus Connectors 13th May 2014

Company Makers was established by EDF Energy in 2013, directly inspired by the successful Games Makers programme. Last year, 300 employees kept the spirit alive and were involved in a wide range of exciting activities.

In 2014, the Company Makers programme will focus on EDF Energy’s ambitions to help our company succeed in achieving its objectives. The programme is a unique opportunity for employees to gain knowledge, develop new skills and increase their profile across the company.

And we are delighted that over fifty Company Makers have volunteered to become Campus Connectors, and after training will be helping colleagues connect to MyCampus, our new learning portal, during its launch in July 2014 – and supporting our people’s ambition to inspire and enable them to perform as a force for good, driving progress at work and across the communities we serve.

Campus - The future has already begun 03rd May 2014

Campus has made great strides in starting to shape the future:

• In 2013, 290 new starters attended one of 12 EDF Energy and Me induction sessions – a further 17 sessions are due to be held in 2014.

• The first Campus Assist, with Customers –B2C, focusing on performance management following the implementation of Orchard, has been completed. Work has now begun with the wider business to design, implement and evaluate training solutions.

• The Nuclear New Build Inspire programme is being embedded across a wider Somerset audience – we have now interacted with over 37,000 students and in October engaged with 8 new institutions. Tier one contractors have agreed to operate their education activity under Inspire.

• We are expanding the role of simulation in learning and looking to adopt new ways of learning, exploring how we can make traditional training packages appeal to different people and learning styles. The following packages are currently under development:

Focusing investment in people where it matters most 22nd Apr 2014

Campus supports business unit performance improvement objectives by taking a systematic approach to investment.

By working with business units to identify gaps in training, learning and development, then creating solutions to plug them, we can ensure that the right people get the right training at the right time – with a measurable impact on business results. The same goes for identifying clear opportunities for better teamwork and collaboration.

To take a particular challenge and ‘Campus it’ results in practical solutions that broadly fall under the following categories:

Ultimately, Campus means we don’t go backwards – we only get better. And we relentlessly drive an improvement culture.

A unique experience available to everyone

Above and beyond this structured framework, we have imagined Campus as a thriving community, shaped and nurtured by you, the users, and ranging well beyond its physical spaces and organised activities. Available to all employees across EDF Energy, Campus gives us all unique opportunities to learn and connect with each other in new ways.

‘Learning by doing’ and using simulation technology will make training more thorough, more relevant and more memorable - for more immediate business results. We will have a dedicated, state-of-the-art simulation facility that is at the forefront of modern learning techniques in an industrial environment for our people to experience both in the UK and Europe.

The infrastructure, both physical and virtual, is nearly complete and when ready it will be there for you to use. Our Campus Network of training and meeting facilities around the UK, along with the MyCampus virtual hub, will enable you to reach out and make connections across, up and down and even outside the business to other people and organisations with shared aims. What is more, the physical hub for Campus, Cannington Court, will open in Somerset later this year. This will be a showcase, state-of-the-art training, meeting and collaboration centre, not only for EDF Energy but also for industry partners, political decision makers and the wider community.

So whether you spend time at Cannington Court, one of our network sites, or log in to MyCampus, you should always feel connected.

Campus - Making things that matter happen 15th Mar 2014

We launched Campus some time back and now is a good time to look at what’s been achieved in that time and what the future holds.

First, a recap on what Campus is setting out to do.

As you know, our company vision is to ‘Feel Better Energy’ – to stand out as a feel good choice in the sector. Turning this vision into reality demands that we act now to start changing habits and place our business in the best possible position for the future.

What skills will we need to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

How can we work better and more effectively together, break down silos and solve problems faster?

What fruitful partnerships can we create in our communities to build trust and place EDF Energy at the heart of energy solutions for the 21st century?
This is where Campus comes in.

With tomorrow in mind, Campus is where challenges meet solutions

Our purpose is clear: to bring individuals together in order to shape a better future. A better future for ourselves as individuals, a better future for us as teams working together, a better future for the people and communities who depend on us.

Campus is a catalyst for helping you be the best you can be, and connecting you with colleagues and partners to make things that matter happen.
Campus represents a fresh way of learning, working and thinking – all of which not only makes our experience as employees more inspiring and engaging, but also ensures our continued success, as EDF Energy will benefit from:

Connecting the Campus Network 13th Dec 2013

Over 100 colleagues from across the EDF Energy training, learning and development community came together for the first time at the inaugural ‘Connecting the Campus Network ‘event at the end of November.

And there was a buzz in the room – from start to finish!

Elizabeth Smith, Head of Campus Networks, who sponsored the event said ‘ Our aim was to bring people from across the Campus Network together, start to share best practice and experience the personal and business benefits of connecting through Campus.

Our performance – as a company and as individuals - can really benefit from having the opportunity for informal and social learning – I believe this event was a great example of this in action.

Excitement came through a mix of master classes and workshops as well as sessions on what Campus is working on, in particular the direct link between effective training, learning & development and improved performance - and how to get involved. Workshops proved really popular, with demonstrations of new ways of learning all linked to the Campus principles, from internal and external experts. But it was the camaraderie and networking – connecting with new people that created the energy – really bringing Campus to life.

‘Sharing the 6A’s model that I’ve been developing was a wonderful and positive experience. I had so many great comments; the sessions certainly seemed to connect to people and the feedback helped me to feel very proud of the work I’ve been doing within the organisation.’ said Phil Ball, Senior Training and Development Specialist from Employee Services at Gadeon House.

Guest speakers included motivational speaker, Jeremy Snape, performance psychologist, Ian Moss, Head of Leadership, EDF Energy and Simon Earp, Head of Training NNB as well as Elizabeth Smith, Head of Campus Networks and Jennie Chapman, Head of Campus Partnerships

EDF Group was represented too, with Karina van Passel who is responsible for management and skills development of the Group HR community, leading a popular session on Professional Co-development.

Whilst taking the opportunity to ‘brassage’ delegates enjoyed an exhibition. It was an opportunity to talk, amongst others, to our collaboration service provider Arkadin about how we can use their services, like webinars more effectively and efficiently. And to be inspired by organisations that develop 3D simulation based on gaming technology for training and education.

Colleagues demonstrated Yammer, the enterprise social network. It’s a key part of MyCampus – and great interest was shown in the MyCampus live demo from John Davidson and his team. It’s going to be a great way for delegates to stay connected in the future and can also enhance the way we will effectively design and deliver future learning.

In summary, Elizabeth said ‘this was a fantastically well supported event, which people really enjoyed – but how successful was it? That can only be assessed by what happens now and how the Campus Network and the community builds from here’

Campus delivery team gets ready to bring Campus to life 21st Oct 2013

‘Campus will help strengthen the DNA of our company through skills learning, knowledge sharing and personal development’

Vincent de Rivaz, CEO

Following the establishment of the Campus Board in September, the second part of the Campus governance structure, the newly formed Campus Delivery Team met for the first time last week.

The Campus Delivery team is made up of the Campus Chancellor (Chair), Campus heads of function, and senior leaders from Shared Services, B2C, B2B, NG and NNB as well as the new Leadership Academy. And at the first meeting, the team shared their personal vision for Campus and what they wanted for their part of the business.

Together, they will provide direction for the wider Campus activities across EDF Energy, helping to bring together employees through skills learning, knowledge sharing and personal development. The Campus Delivery team will effectively be the ‘engine room’ where all parts of the business are represented, enabling everyone in the Company to have a voice in the future direction of Campus.

The team will monitor performance of Campus across the organisation to ensure it achieves its mission of improving business performance. And, also review feedback to get the best out of our training, learning and development resources and maximise the opportunities to share best practice.

This includes:
• Strategic direction from the Campus Board
• Business metrics and forecasts as defined by the delivery team
• Periodic reports from programme/process owners
• Papers proposing developments to the Campus Curriculum Strategy
• Feedback from EDF Group Campus, Corporate University, ESCS People Forums, NNB People & Skills Committee and the NG People Delivery Team

It will ensure that appropriate internal and external operating experience and learning from around EDF Energy, EDF Group with the wider energy industry is shared and where relevant built into future people development programmes.

Opening the meeting, Dave Drury, Campus Chancellor, said ‘Campus is our opportunity to bring our people together for personal and professional development - whether that be learning new skills or developing current ones. It will create opportunities to share best practice and knowledge within EDF Energy and across EDF Group and our external partners.

The final piece of the governance jigsaw is establishing local Campus forums in the business. Over the next few months, the Campus team will be working with leaders across the business to establish forums enabling everyone in the company to have a say in training, learning and development through Campus.



In the photo: Attendees at the first Campus Delivery Team meeting

Back: Sarah Hazeldine, Mark Loveday, Phil Robinson, Frazer Greenshields, Richard Sage, Liz Smith, Marc Coltelli

Front:  Jennie Chapman, Dave Drury, Steve Hayfield

Launch of the Campus operating model 14th Oct 2013

An important milestone for the launch of the Campus operating model was passed at the end of September with the inaugural Campus Board meeting.

The Campus Board, attended by Vincent de Rivaz, Chief Executive and chaired by Janet Hogben, Chief People Officer, with representatives from all parts of the business, will set the strategic direction for the Campus across the company, helping to unify and strengthen our one company approach by leading our people development programmes.

Janet Hogben opened the meeting saying 'The purpose of the Board is to provide a collective vision of Campus and it is a fantastic opportunity to deliver something that is unique, that is different. Campus has the opportunity to affect our culture and allow EDF Energy to harness the best from our people'

'The success of Campus will be defined by a different company culture where employees are passionate and loyal because of the investment being made in them' said Vincent de Rivaz 'The Executive team will be visible at Campus - and Cannington Court will also be a place where customers can be invited.'

After the meeting, Dave Drury, the Campus Chancellor said ‘A lot of people across the company have worked together to bring our Campus to life. Campus is a major investment in our people, a commitment to helping develop their future skills and capabilities, helping to shape our values and the culture of our company. We are all part of the Campus community no matter what part of the business and we will all have the opportunity to get involved with and experience Campus."

Over the next few months local Campus consulting forums will be rolled out across the business units with employees having the opportunity for direct involvement in bringing the Campus Performance Improvement Learning Model to life.

Dave Drury, Campus Chancellor
Vincent de Rivaz, CEO
Janet Hogben, Chief People Officer

Paul Spence, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Alan Feakins, Health and Safety Director, Barbara Jones, HR NNB, Peter Prozesky, Continuous Improvement and Operations Director, NG, Tim Boylin, HR Director, ESCS, Jean-Benoit Ritz, UK R&D Coordination Director, Sarah Hazeldine, Business Support Manager, Campus and George Borlodan, NNB Pre Operations Director

Apologies and therefore absent from picture
David Akers, HR Director NG, Eve Mathieu, Talent, Performance & Leadership Director, Jim Poole, Director of B2C, Simone Rossi, Chief Financial Officer

EDF Energy CEO visits Cannington Court site for Campus update 27th Aug 2013

On 13 August, we had the pleasure of hosting a flying visit to Cannington Court from Vincent de Rivaz, CEO of EDF Energy, with his visitors from EDF Group. This was a real opportunity to not only show off the facility under construction at Cannington Courtbut also talk about how we are building the Campus model inEDF Energyand how it will benefit all our people across the Company and the Group.

The construction work is really now starting in earnest. The B2B Energy Centre work is progressing really well and when completed it will provide the complex with around 50% of our energy needs from geo-thermal and solar generation, a fantastic opportunity to showcase our real commitment to sustainability and sustainable energy generation. It also demonstrates the real partnership and connection already being created by Campus acrossEDF Energywith our B2B team who have designed the Energy Centre in conjunction with our R&D teams, working with our Nuclear New Build construction teams in progressing the work programme.

During Vincent’s visit we talked about the return of investment from the Campus project, not only in positive cultural developments but also in hard 'cash' business benefits. This is the logic behind the Performance Improvement Learning Model we are going to roll out across the company through the Campus Network, using training, learning and development as a business tool targeted at people and business unit performance improvements. This PILM will be the subject of discussion and debate in the future so watch this space!

Another one of the topics of interest during the visit was the archaeological findings we uncovered during the demolition of the old Amory block. We revealed a series of medieval walls together with an early Victorian roadway into the main court area. This has attracted a lot of local community and press interest. We hosted a public access day for the local community to show the finds, this was a real success. You can learn more about this too on our website. And, thanks should go to Paula Ware and Marc Coltelli on the project team who really showed off our commitment to the local community in a very positive way!

Best regards,


Dave Drury
Campus Chancellor


Campus leadership team appointed 22nd Aug 2013

Connecting us to future ways of learning

I am delighted to announce the appointment of the Campus leadership team who will, from 1 September 2013, be working with me to help grow the Campus operating model across the organisation.

Jennie Chapman – Head of Campus Partnerships
Jennie joins from the New Nuclear Build team, and will lead on the Campus Partnership strategy, governance and delivery model. Key to this role will be establishing academic, vocational and supply chain partnerships to help develop our future skills.

Frazer Greenshields – Head of Cannington Court
Previously Property lead in the Campus Project team, Frazer moves into the new role of Head of Cannington Court. He will focus on how the complex will work on a day to day basis integrating state of the art simulation, Green Travel and new ways of learning into one fantastic location as the hub of the Campus Network

Elizabeth Smith – Head of Campus Network
Liz will build on her role as Development lead in the Campus project team, to work with the business to connect our approach to learning, enabling the sharing of best practice and introduction of new technologies to improve our performance through the Campus Network.

They are now currently recruiting the teams that will form the Campus operating structure, and act as stewards of Campus, on behalf of their colleagues.

Marc Coltelli, Head of Campus Project, will continue to lead the Campus project with his role now focusing primarily on the associated construction activities of Cannington Court. In addition Marc will deliver the online portal, MyCampus and assist the newly formed team to establish and develop the Campus operating model.

Dave Drury
Campus Chancellor


In the photo, left to right: Marc Coltelli, Jennie Chapman, Dave Drury, Liz Smith, Frazer Greenshields 

Campus Network - Bexleyheath celebrates being first! 09th Jul 2013

Celebrations were held at Bexleyheath yesterday (8 July) as it became the first site to be connected to the Campus Network.

A suite of seven training rooms at Bexleyheath has been revamped and rebranded in the distinct Campus style.

It will enable the centre to offer innovative training programmes – which is crucial for the Energy Field Services (EFS) employees facing a range challenges including low-carbon offerings and the introduction of smart metering.

Chief People Officer Janet Hogben cut a ribbon to declare the training centre open for business. “Campus is very close to my heart,” she said. “Throughout the whole company, the value it can bring to the business is immense and Bexleyheath is the first part of the network to go live.” She praised those in EFS for being “first out of the blocks” and said the new-look centre would enable it to offer world-beating training programmes.

EFS Director Eric Salomon said: “It’s a special day because Bexleyheath is becoming part of Campus, not only as a building but as a philosophy.”

Campus Chancellor Dave Drury and members of his team hosted a roadshow so employees could learn more about the benefits of being connected to Campus. A mobile simulator which will revolutionise the way technical training is delivered was also on show.

Julie Isherwood, Connect magazine Editor 

Early success for our new induction programme 04th Mar 2013

In the blog this week I thought you might be interested in understanding a little about ‘EDF Energy & Me’ the new induction programme that is running (or ‘on-boarding’ as some like to call it within the business!).

It had been identified that when new joiners started with us, whilst the induction into their role or business unit was great, we didn’t have anything right across the business that informed them about EDF Energy. So in the Campus spirit of ‘Connecting us’ and also to ‘encourage a sense of pride and belonging’ (both terms hopefully you will now recognise as being part of the Campus vision and mission) we set about collaborating with people from around the business, including the Learning & Development Centre of Excellence, Talent and Development Delivery Team, Brand, Finance, Health & Wellbeing to name a few. From this, EDF Energy & Me was born. On an exciting note for us, we have also worked with the Research & Development team to develop a number of apps to enhance the learning experience.

Three pilot sessions were trialled in 2012, and we are really delighted that the event is now being run for new starters throughout the year and we have so far received great feedback via our feedback app. Here are some snippets of feedback from attendees:

“Essential step for new starters to learn about EDF Energy's vision”

“Guest speakers really brought things 'to life' - good trainers and really liked having different learning methods used.”

“Most useful - Having a few days to feel part of an interesting and informative induction which balances both information sessions, activities and social interaction”

This is a great opportunity for our new colleagues right across the business to meet, make connections and go to sites they wouldn’t normally have the chance to visit – but it is also a great opportunity for us as a business to properly welcome new starters and bring to life the DNA of our Company. We are delighted that over 100 people have so far taken this opportunity!

If you are interested in finding out more details, please visit our website, or don’t hesitate to contact myself any of the Campus team via the ‘Ask us’ page on this site

Best wishes,

Company Makers show their interest in Campus 26th Feb 2013

Hello, I’m Paula and it’s my turn this week to talk about what's going on in the Campus project. 

I look after the communications for the Campus project, and my big challenge is connecting to as many people as possible across the business to tell them all about Campus and what it will bring to them. We are only a small team, so we need some help to do this - and we have found some willing volunteers!

Over 200 EDF Energy employees gathered together for the launch of our new employee network, Company Makers at The Institution of Engineering and Technology in London last week. 

Following the success of London 2012 our Chief Executive Vincent de Rivaz outlined his ambition to create a network for employees: “The role of the Company Makers will be to embody the spirit of openness, inclusivity and trust that is at the heart of the Games. They will be mobilised to support and represent what we want to be as a company.”

The launch event gave Company Makers the chance to understand more about the programme and what being a Company Maker will mean for them and their teams. They took part in a series of seminars on company-wide activities, including Campus, that may require their support during 2013 including Campus.

At our seminars, we showed videos introducing Campus and of the Executive Team talking about Campus (you can view them on this website too). And, to help demonstrate what Campus is all about we did a 'brassage' exercise - where people had to go around the room and find people who for example worked for a nuclear business or a central support function, someone who knew about different business topics, like wellbeing.  It was lots of fun, very noisy - and everyone agreed that in five minutes they had learnt something new about the company - and met some interesting people. They made some good connections too, and came away with some new names to add to their network.

We were blown away by the number of people who wanted to attend our seminars - we had to bring in extra chairs. And over 100 people signed up to say they would be interested in helping Campus engage people at their sites. They will be helping develop the engagement campaign – by commenting on ideas and checking the messages work for them. You can see Selvin Roberts, from the Campus team, sharing some of the initial concepts with them to give them a flavour of what's to come in the picture. And then they will be helping us to design and deliver Campus Network roadshows across the company.

So a big thank you to all those people who showed interest in joining us, and we look forward to working with you.

It going to be fun over the next few months as we roll out the Campus Network - and we will be sure to keep you updated here on our progress.

Take care,
Paula Ware

Welcome to the Campus site, and our new blog 18th Feb 2013

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. This isn't quite my first blog post as I have actually being doing this for some time just with the Campus Team members, but this is my first public blog. I have been reminded that the potential readership of this one might not get my unique sense of humour so I hope you won't find it boring as I try to tone it down.

With most blogs you normally write about what's going on at present but given that this is 'technically' my first one I thought I'd give a bit of a background to what me and my team have been up to on the Campus Project and what it means to us.

Well firstly we are in February 2013 and two things strike me. One is that it is just over two years after leaving the Networks business that I have been leading this fantastic project and secondly we are absolutely at the most exciting part of the project in my opinion. Why do I say that...well at the heart of Campus sits Cannington Court you can find out more about Cannington Court on this website. Since the summer of 2012 Cannington Court has started the transformation to become our  world  class  training Campus, from repair to maintenance, to structural reinforcement whilst not disturbing the bats, the last 6 months have seen the physical build come to life. Hopefully you will agree that the plans look amazing and having completed the first phase works we are about to start the real construction of Campus as we move into the second phase in early March. Over the coming months you will see the accommodation block for the 50 bedrooms be constructed, the demolition of one of the post 1920's buildings which in its place we will create a modern dinning/bistro type facility and significant work to the main buildings where state of the art IT systems will help to enhance the learning that all employees will get to experience. This is a complex construction project and I am expecting it to keep us very busy for the rest of the year!

But moving away from Cannington Court, all of you will also start to see Campus coming to life locally. What do I mean, well let me explain. Campus will connect us. Whilst the physical building will be the home of Campus, every employee will get to experience it in their normal working environment. Whether that is at your desk, accessing our new MyCampus portal or having training in your local training centre branded with the look and feel of Cannington Court. Campus will enhance the way we learn, the way we interact with one another and more importantly help us to improve the way we do business.

Already this blog is feeling too wordy so I’ll wrap it up now.  I've actually challenged my team to write their stories too so between us we will give you a real insight into what we are doing and how you can also be a part of it. The Campus site will also evolve and become more interactive and there will be opportunity to help shape 'our' Campus together. So stay tuned, there are lots of exciting things to come and me and the team promise to keep you all updated with the developments as they happen. Bookmark this website and register for updates. You really don't want to miss out!!

Until next time,

Marc Coltelli (aka Mr Campus!)